The most famous series of private music events in Athens



Welcome to our official website of Private Parties!
The most famous series of private music events in Athens.
All these years we managed to give another meaning to the words "private partying" and "private music event". Strictly private and with special music character, our parties became the most famous series of private music events in Athens.



About Us

The excellent organizing, the private character and the groove sounds are enough to have great fun and to create a myth around these private events for more than 14 years!



The Beginning

The idea of Private Parties came after some very successful events organised in 2004. These events became more popular in late 2010.


Strictly private and with special music character, our parties became the most famous series of private music events in Athens.

Bars & Clubs

The team aim for every party to be special and that is why all keep trying to find the some of the best bars and clubs in Greece to host our events.

DJs & Music

Our DJs are used to play music in well-known bars and clubs around Greece and most of them are also holding radio shows in radio stations.

Services & Prices

Our team is keeping high quality services and excellent organising in every private event as well as special prices and discounts for all members and guests.

The Label

Soul Traffic is an ambitious project founded by SoulJar with the intention to become a new label in the music world that will release and promote tunes produced mostly by our DJs.



Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece and is one of the world's oldest cities, with its recorded history spanning around 3,500 years.
In here, apart from what our team is doing, we are trying to reveal that there is a varied nightlife in Athens. Millions of tourists of all ages enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the city. Nightlife in Athens does not kick off till around midnight. There are plenty of places, venues to choose from, satisfying a wide range of tastes including bars, clubs, restaurants. A city that never sleeps welcomes you and various music events as well as our Private Parties keeps everyone awake!





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Past Events

  Just stay tuned, a new event will be anounched soon.

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  Some pages and albums remain private.
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All images and stuff in this website are property of Private Parties team.


The Team

We give great emphasis on music in every event. From Deep House to Pop, and from free style tunes to Disco we are trying to cover everyones' need! Some of the most famous greek and foreing DJs are members of our team.
Join our team to discover more about our DJs.



  Giorgos Tsigkrelis, a producer with limited appearances as DJ at some special private events mostly in Athens.
  Vasilis Papageorgiou is the man behind the guest list, invitations and reservations.
  Check ou DJs and login to listen to some recorded live sets.
  Dimitris Kourouvakalis
  Panagiotis Valogianis (aka SoulJar)
  Panagiotis Ipatidis (aka Tsunami)
  Thanos Kostorizos (aka Sensek)
  Christos Sigalas
  Panagiotis Goutzianas(aka Panos G)
  Aleksandar Mrdjan (aka Alek Sander)


Flyer desingers, photographers, radio stations, sponsors and lifestyle magazines are also hiding behind all these events.




Please feel free and contact us for any reason.

  For further information or making a reservation for an upcoming event, please call us.
  For booking a DJ or if you are interested in our services and would like additional information, please send us mail.
  For any other reason or asking for permissions do not hesitate to contact us.

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